Best Anti Bark Collar for German Shepherd

In your research of the best anti-bark collars for German shepherds, you will be amazed to know they come in lots of types.

So which are these common types of anti-bark collars you are likely to come across?

Electric Bark Collars

These are the most popular types of anti-bark collars.  This electronic collar releases static shock every time your dog starts barking. And most of the Anti-bark electric collars have static shock levels that increase or decrease depending on your dog’s barking behavior.

Citronella Bark Collar

A citronella spray anti-bark collar delivers a splash of citronella after your dog starts barking. using citronella spray collars is considered a safe and humane way to correct your German shepherd

Vibration Collars

Another humane way of correction is by using a vibration collar. This type of collar vibrates every time your dog starts barking.

Ultrasonic Collars

These collars are relatively new to the market. The unique thing about ultrasonic collars is that they produce an irritating sound that your dog hates. However, this sound is only produced every time your dog starts barking.

Note: for better safety of your dog you need a dog gate as well.

The Best Anti-Bark Collars For German Shepherds Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best anti bark collars for German shepherds, what do you consider? Read this guide before you go to buy your next dog’s anti-bark collar.


What is the size of this dog collar? Will it fit your dog’s massive neck- more often, manufacturers will indicate the neck size suitable for each collar.

Check these measurements before your dog gets on that anti-bark collar.

If you choose a small one, your dog’s neck will be squeezed, and it won’t be fun. If you choose a big one, the purpose of having it first won’t be there.

Weight Of The Collar

Don’t choose a collar for German shepherds that’s heavy. Consider your dog’s comfort by choosing a dog collar that is lightweight easy for your dog.

Battery And Battery Life

How is the battery on this collar?  Do you need to buy new ones when the present ones go low? Or are the batteries here rechargeable. You will often find dog parents prefer rechargeable batteries as they are continent. However, if you find removable batteries better, you can go for that.

Also, be considerate of the battery life.

Does this battery take long to charge? And does this battery last for long? To be sure about that, read the reviews. With that, you will get a clear picture of the battery life on this collar.

Method Of Control

Do you need to control this collar or its automatic? For better convenience, choose an automatic collar as it can function even when you are away.

Type Of Correction

The correction type will be crucial. Is this collar using beep, spray, vibration, or shock? You will often find beep and vibration modes will do the job.

Hence the reason you will find most anti-bark collars have an off function for the shock mode.

Also, consider one with various correction levels

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