Best Deshedding Dog Brush For Australian Shepherds

The King Komb deshedding tool will eliminate loose fur and untangled knots, leaving your dog looking good.

This deshedding brush comes in two sizes. King Komb mini and kink komb large. If you have a puppy, start with the king komb mini, and as he transitions to adulthood, start using the large comb.

This brush comes with 3 blades and rubber bristles for efficient coat grooming.

The bristles are designed to safely hold on to any loose fur without yanking off any healthy coat.

Besides that, these bristles remove stubborn pet hair and gently massage your dog’s coat, leaving it feeling better after each grooming session.

The blades on this brush easily retract for easier removal of any loose pet hair stuck on the brush. This allows for smooth cleaning and messy-free deshedding sessions.

King Komb mini and large have a comfortable grip handle that can fit well on your palm. That way, grooming sessions will be enjoyable, unlike when using other oddly made dog brushes.

You can use this brush to spread shampoo when bathing your dog.


  • Easily removes loose fur from the top and under the coat
  • Available in two sizes
  • Features a comfortable handle
  • The blades here are retractable


Not an efficient brush for heavy shedders

Raws Paws Pet Slicker Brush is a deshedding dog brush for Australian shepherds that will make you feel like a professional groomer.

This self-cleaning slicker brush features fine bristles that penetrate the toughest coats to remove knots, tangles, and excess hair without hurting your dog coat.

Besides being a deshedder, you can use this tool too to thin out your pet hair after every grooming session.

The soft grip anti-slip handle of this deshedding brush ensures that you don’t experience any wrist fatigue, even if you are working on many dogs.

Cleaning this dog brush doesn’t have to be messy. All you need is to click a button, and the bristles retract for easy removal of pet hair on the comb.

Lastly, the eyelet on the handle allows for easy storage when not using THIS quality deshedding dog brush for Australian shepherds.


  • A self-cleaning slicker brush
  • With soft bristles that eliminate knots and tangles 
  • Ergonomic grip


  • Pet owners company that the bristles don’t retract completely

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