best german shepherd training books

As you can see, we are highly advocating for the training of your German shepherd. So why is it important?

Teaches Your Dog Life Skills.

One importance of training your German shepherd is that it gets to learn basic life skills. Such basic life skills include keeping calm, not eating anything on the road, house-training. And responding to human calls.

With potty training, your dog will learn not to leave its excrements wherever it feels.

Also, your dog knows how to react when visitors are around- a trained german shepherd won’t go jumping on your visitors or attacking them. Also, a trained German shepherd won’t go nipping other dog breeds, pets, or children all-around your house.

Also, a trained German shepherd will learn when it’s the right time to attack a stranger or when to keep calm. A trained dog breed will sit down when his food is being served rather than jumping all over.

Your German shepherd will also learn how to interact with everyone around him. And this will happen if only you train him.

Make Your German Shepherd Sociable

You don’t want to be branded as the person who has a dog who keeps on biting or barking loudly – a german shepherd who is trained has a good reputation as he is calm when in the park. This German shepherd dog breed does not go attacking dogs in the park or barking at everyone when you go to the grocery

Hence why socialization will be key – and the best time to socialize your German shepherd is when he is still young- during this duration, your GSD is enthusiastic about learning everything around.

Thus during this socialization session, take him to a park where he will interact with small, medium, and huge dogs.

If it’s not possible to take him to the park, you can take him to an obedience class where he will interact with other dog breeds.

After finishing these classes, your dog will be well socialized able to relate with anyone around, amicably.

Thus training will be important in eliminating bad habits.

Training Helps You Understand Your German Shepherd Better

There is no other better way to understand and learn more about your GSD rather than to train him by yourself.

Unlike when you get a dog trainer, training your dog with a German shepherd training book will help you understand the strength and weaknesses of your german shepherd.

You will be able to understand where your German shepherd needs correction so that he can transform to be a good boy.

Training Keeps Your Dog Safe

A trained german shepherd can be able to control himself when he’s exposed to danger – for example, untrained dog breeds won’t understand a busy highway can be dangerous, thus may cross it blindly- and the results are well known, your dog is much likely to get knocked down.

However, a trained dog breed will be careful when crossing a busy highway.

Also, a trained dog breed won’t eat anything from the ground- untrained dog breeds may consume poisonous materials thinking that it’s food.

If you have trained your dog the ‘drop it’ command, he’s highly likely to drop what he is about to consume, unlike an untrained dog.

Also, trained german shepherds won’t go, attacking every dog or person they come across on the road; they may get a beating or be killed 

Builds A Lasting Relationship With Your Dog

Another benefit of training your dog is that you strengthen the relationship you have with your dog-Interacting with your dog more often will see both of you become great friends

Alleviate Stress

Untrained dog breeds are aggressive and always scared. These dogs are lost of confidence and will attack you out of fear; however, training your german shepherd can help clear this behavior without harming or intimidating your german shepherd.

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