Best Large Dog Blankets For German Shepherds & Other Large Dogs

#2 PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket

PETMAKER Waterproof Pet Blanket

The PETMAKER blanket is reversible with one side being a soft plush material and the other is a sherpa fleece that will keep your dog warm and cozy.

The blanket is incredibly comfortable as well as waterproof and machine washable!

Many owners appreciate that they can protect their couch and other furniture from dog messes like drool, hair, urine and feces.

One complaint many people, including myself, have had is the fact that the blanket is two pieces of fabric sewn together, which means that it struggles to keep a square shape and often looks messy.

Also, the inside is where the waterproof liner is, which can be slippery and awkward sometimes when the dog is trying to get comfortable.


  • Machine washable
  • Waterproof
  • Reversible
  • 3 different sizes


  • Bunches up easily
  • Feels slippery

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