Best Toys to Keep Australian Shepherds Busy

What To For Look in The Best Toy For Australian Shepherds

When purchasing a toy for Australian shepherds, what are the key details that you should consider? Let’s dive in and have a look.

Your Dog Playing Behavior

If you have an Australian shepherd who plays roughly, shredding into pieces anything around, then you don’t need a plush toy. A toy set for destructive dogs is needed for such a dog. Get one made of tough materials that your Aussie will find hard to break down.

On the other side, if you have a cool in destructive dog, you can get a toy made of soft materials.

Your Dog’s Size

The size of your Australian shepherd is another determining factor when you go looking for the best toy for Australian shepherds.

If you have a large Australian shepherd, then get a big toy. Don’t get a small toy, as he may be tempted to swallow the whole of it. And it’s true for a small Aussie- get a small toy for your Australian shepherd puppy. A big toy may be challenging to interact with.


What material makes this toy? Is this material sturdy enough to stand your dogs battering? A good material should be puncture-proof rot resistant.

Also, consider whether the material here is toxic or not. Don’t let your Aussie chew or play with toys made of toxic materials. It can be hazardous.

Easy To Wash

If you have a toy that will get muddy, then it should be washable. Don’t get a toy that is quick to get soiled but hard to clean up

Australian Shepherd Toys Tips For Every Australian Shepherd Owner

  • Always ensure your dog is closely supervised when playing with his toys.

This is a crucial point; you need to keep a close eye whenever your dog puts any of this toy inside his mouth. Some have tiny parts that can be easy to swallow.

And if swallowed, they may choke your Australian shepherd. Also, when you are around, you will be able to analyze how your dog plays with his toys. If the toy gets torn quickly, you might have a destructive dog- or perhaps this toy consists of inferior materials.

It’s also during this close supervision you will learn which toy best suits your dog

  • Remove all toys after your dog has finished playing with them

Always remove all your dog’s toys after he has finished playing with them. This ensures your dog doesn’t get bored a lot. Moreover, this ensures the toys don’t accumulate dirt or germs.

  • Clean the toys after the dog finishes with them – a proper routine you can adopt is cleaning the toys after your dog is done with them. This is one of the ways that enhances their longevity.
  • Change your dog’s toys routinely

If your dog stays with one toy for a long time, he may get bored. The best way to clear off such boredom is to ensure you change things up every 2-4 weeks.

  • First, train your dog to use the toy  

In some instances, you may need to train your dog to use a certain toy. Some puzzle toys can be intricate on your dog on how to start using it – thus, training will be vital.

Benefits Of Toys To Australian Shepherds

Time To Enhance The Bond

Getting and playing with your dog with these toys is an important way to enhance the bond you share.

With that, the relationship between you and your dog will get stronger daily.

Breaks Boredom

A toy will help keep your dog busy more so when he’s locked up inside a crate. As you know, bored dogs are more likely to become destructive, which is not recommendable. A good way to cut the chances of having a destructive dog is by you purchasing a good toy.

Calms Your Nervous Dog

A nervous dog needs some consolation, not more torture. And one way to do so is to get a toy to calm him. You can get your Aussie a squeaking toy or treat-dispensing toy that will calm those shaky nerves.

Sharpen Your Dog’s Intelligence

Australian shepherd dogs are intelligent. Thus, they need instance where their cognitive function is put to the test. And one of the ways you can do so is by getting a puzzle toy.

A puzzle toy is one training tool that can help test your dog’s intelligence. With such a toy, your dog has to undergo various obstacles to attain something at the end. Mostly, it’s usually a hidden treat.

With this toy, his skills are tested to the limit

Clean Your Dog Teeth

Some toys not only keep your dog busy but also help remove tartar buildup. They also help eliminate any awful smell.

A Form Of Exercise

Toys help expel any excess energy that he doesn’t need

What Toys Are Best For Australian Shepherds?

When it to come to the best toys for Australian shepherds, none is superior to the other. You will find what’s suitable for your dog may not suit your neighbor’s dog.

The main thing is that this toy keeps your dog entertained and calm. This toy should also fulfill its maiden purpose of keeping your dog busy without causing any harm afterward.

If your dog seems bored after you have bought that a certain toy, then it might not be the greatest choice for him.

How Do I Keep My Australian Shepherd Entertained?

There are various ways to keep your Australian shepherd entertained. One is to get an interactive toy. For example, get a treat-dispensing toy. With that, your dog will know he has to accomplish something for him to get a reward. Get a squeaking sound if sounds entertain your dog.

A squeaking toy will help your recently adopted dog or that dog who is just from the theater. 

You can take your Australian shepherd for swimming sessions – if your dog likes swimming, then one of the ways to keep him entertained is by taking him to a swimming pool

Take your dog for a walk

Some dogs like the breeze of air outside the yard. They are entertained when they go for a hike or forest trail, more than anything else. If that sounds like your dog, grab a leash or harness and start walking him out.

How Do You Tire An Aussie Puppy?

Do you have a puppy, and you wonder how to tire him out? Then here is how to do it.

Take your dog for a 20-30 minute walk.

Play a game with your dog- play hide and seek, tug of war, or Frisbee.

Final Thoughts

Australian shepherds need to exercise and have fun daily. And one way to do so is by getting a dog toy.

A dog toy for Australian shepherds will help keep your dog calm when he is nervous or active when he is bored.

As always, make sure you get a toy that fits your dog’s personality and size. Another thing, supervision is always mandatory. Your Australian shepherd should not interact with any toy unsupervised.

So have you ever bought your Australian shepherd any of the analyzed toys here? Or which toy do you find suitable for your Australian shepherd?

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