Black German Shepherd Dog (GSD): The Ultimate Breed Guide

Breed Overview

Many people think that Black GSDs are crossbred dogs (like Shepskies, Shepradors..). And many others think they are a result of a defect in the ‘Traditional’ german shepherd breed. But those are myths!

All about Black german shepherd breed flyer infographics

They belong to the same breed! And the black color is recognized by the “American Kennel Club” as a standard color within the GSD breed.

History of the black German Shepherd

Developed originally for herding and protecting sheep in 1899 by the passionate Max von Stephanitz. He was an ex-cavalry captain and a former student of the “Berlin Veterinary College” who always admired the intelligence, strength, and ability of sheepdogs.

The breed was officially known as the ‘Alsatian’ in Britain until 1977 when its name was changed back to German Shepherd.

The Appearance of a Black German Shepherd

The owners of black GSDs can barely walk the streets! They are frequently stopped and complimented about the striking beauty of their dog’s looks.

The appearance of the black GSD is well-balanced. A muscular body, slightly longer than tall, with medium length to long coat, erected ears, and a solid black color.
Black GSDs often have a straight back and can be particularly large-sized.

Black German Shepherd Puppies

A “traditional” GSD can produce a solid black puppy! How?

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