Top 10 Best Dog House for German Shepherd

What to look for when you want to pick the best dog house for German shepherds?

The Size

When looking for the best dog house for German shepherds, it’s crucial you check the size you are to get. And all this will be determined by how big or small your German shepherd is.

If you have a big German shepherd, you should ensure the house is also big. However, the house should not be that big, not creating that den-like environment.

A good dog house size for German shepherds should allow your dog to sit and turn comfortably.

With adult German shepherds growing between 22-26 inches, you should look for a dog house that will accommodate such a length.

The Material Used

Most Dog houses for small, medium, or large dogs are made of either wood or plastic.

Wood dog houses

When it comes to wood dog houses, they are quite sturdy, attractive, and perfect heat insulators. However, the only drawback is that wood is not rot-resistant.  Also, German shepherds find it easy to gnaw wood dog houses.

Plastic dog house

You will also find other dog houses made of plastic. These are way cheaper than wood houses and tend to be resistant to rot and insects. Moreover, plastic is way lighter and portable than wood.

Additionally, a plastic dog house is not a perfect fit for a cold climate as it is not a great insulator for both hot and cold temperatures.

Other materials used to make dog houses are concrete and metal, although they are quite rare

Besides those two key factors, there are other factors you need to check when looking for a quality dog house for German shepherds


Is it too cumbersome to assemble this dog house for German shepherds you are to get? Do you need special tools or skills to assemble this dog house? Such are the minute details you can never skip.

A good dog house for German shepherds should be easy to assemble.

A Raised Floor

A raised floor will improve aeration inside the dog house. And the raised floor keeps your dog’s beddings away from the cold ground.

How Is The Ventilation Here?

Have you checked the ventilation of this dog house? Are there any grills on the back or the top for improved aeration?

As always, be on the lookout for those dog houses brands that will not consider your dog’s comfort by not putting the mechanism of aerating the house     

Easy To Clean

Your dog needs to sleep and rest in a clean place. However, if the interior of the dog house is not well accessible, then cleaning it may be cumbersome. Look for a dog house that has put mechanism that will ensure cleaning is a breeze. Such mechanisms include an open design roof or removable floor.

A Sloped Roof

A slopped roof makes sure no water remains stagnant. As you know, stagnant water may be a haven for mosquitoes to multiply.

What Is A Good Size Dog House For German Shepherds?

A good-sized dog house for German shepherds should ensure maximum comfort for your dog while he is inside. This house for dogs needs to be not too big or small for your dog.

An ideal dog house will allow your dog to sleep, stand, or sit with ease.

Are German Shepherds Good House Dogs?

German shepherds are great companions, good to children and pets around.

Moreover, German shepherds like staying near their handlers; however, that doesn’t mean they are couch potatoes. The GSD is an active breed that will like taking part in every family.

If a German shepherd is left in the house for long, without a job, he may turn out to be a destructive companion.

So if you want to make a GSD a good dog house, ensure it gets plenty of exercises daily. A minimum of 60 minutes daily for adults.

What Do German Shepherds Hate

German shepherds hate a couple of things. Here they are.

  • A German shepherd hates being scolded—This is an intelligent dog sensitive to the tone you use.
  • German shepherds hate being left alone- this dog is a pack animal who likes pretty of company
  • German shepherds hate noise- most German shepherds hate living in a noisy place

How Do You Heat A Dog House?

Heating your dog house is one of the ways to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable during winter.

So, here is how you can heat a dog house

  • Use a heat lamp
  • Insulate the dog house
  • Add a dog house heater

Time to Get Your German shepherd The Best Dog House

As you can see, a dog house is a great place for your dog to unwind. And if you love your Fido, you should ensure you look for the best among all in the market. With the list of the reviewed dog houses, we know now you will have an easy time when to come to choosing the suitable one for your dog.

As always, nothing beats quality.

Make sure the dog house you choose is made of sturdy material, and it’s well sturdy.

This dog house should also be aerated and comfortable for your dog.

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