Top 9 Best Dog Beds for German Shepherds

What do you consider when looking for the best German shepherd dog bed? Do you go and pick any bed labeled best dog bed for a large dog breed or the best dog bed for German shepherds?

Some parameters should guide you.

The Size Of The Dog Bed Is Important

 A good dog bed should be big enough, allowing your German shepherd to lie inside comfortably.

Your German shepherd’s Sleeping Style Is Vital

 Like we human beings, German shepherds have varying sleeping styles.

Curled German Shepherds

 These German shepherds tend to curl when they are sleeping. You will note such a dog will curl like a ball with his tail covering the nose.

If you have such a German shepherd dog breed, the best dog bed should be a circular bed. You can have one that has bolsters or not. Also, this dog bed should be spacious enough to allow your dog to rotate with ease.

Dogs Who Like Sleeping When Leaning Their Heads

This type of dog tends to sleep on the side, laying his head on top of something – such a German shepherd will be comfortable if it sleeps on a large spacious dog bed for German shepherds with bolsters.

Stretching Dogs

This dog has nothing to worry about and sleeps while spreading his body all over on his back. If that sounds like your dog, you need to get your German shepherd a dog bed with no bolsters.


The overall support the dog bed provides is important – don’t get a dog bed that feels like your dog is separated from the ground by a sheet of paper. Get the best dog bed for German shepherds with quality cushioning – all-important in soothing your dog’s muscles.

Material of the Dog Bed

 Is this dog bed for German shepherds made from quality materials – if you have destructive German shepherds, get a dog bed for German shepherds able to withstand your dog’s claws and teeth.

The dog bed should be made of chew-resistant materials enough to last long and keep your dog comfortable for long.

Non-hypoallergenic materials are important

If your dog has sensitive skin, you might consider a hypoallergenic dog bed. You don’t need a dog bed that will trigger allergic reactions to your German shepherd after spending time on it.

How Easy Is It To Clean This Dog Bed For A German shepherd?

Your dog will come with lots of dirt and mud and lay inside this dog bed – thus, you need a dog bed that is quick to wash and dry

Get a dog bed that is machine or hand washable. Also, this dog bed for German shepherds should dry quickly.

Other important tips to consider include— 

  • Get an orthopedic bed if you have a German shepherd with joint issues.
  • Get a foldable dog bed if you like taking hikes with your German shepherd.
  • If your GSD is an outdoor dog breed, choose a water-resistant dog bed and not easy to fade.

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